Dutch corporate governance code - Annual Report 2015 - DSM

Dutch corporate governance code

DSM supports the Dutch corporate governance code adopted in 2003 and amended in 2008, which can be found on www.commissiecorporategovernance.nl.

DSM confirms that it applies all of the code’s 113 Best Practices.

With respect to the appointment of members of the Managing Board for a period of at most four years (Best Practice II.1.1) it should be noted that DSM has adhered to this Best Practice since the introduction of the corporate governance code in 2004.

Since DSM respects agreements made before the introduction of said code, the current chairman of the Managing Board will remain appointed for an indefinite period.

With respect to the Dutch corporate governance code it should be noted that any substantial change in the corporate governance structure of the company and in the company's compliance with the code shall be submitted to the General Meeting of Shareholders for discussion under a separate agenda item.

All documents related to the implementation at DSM of the Dutch corporate governance code can be found in the Governance section of the company's website.