Annual Report 2015 - DSM

At the start of 2015, DSM and professional cycling Team Giant-Alpecin entered into an innovation partnership aimed at giving the team and its athletes an edge in one of the toughest and most competitive team sports around – as well as ultimately benefiting cyclists of all levels the world over. Team Giant-Alpecin manager Iwan Spekenbrink: “In the first year of our partnership, a number of innovations have already had a positive impact on the Team’s performance.

One is the protective cycling clothing we have developed incorporating Dyneema® fibers. Crashes are unfortunately a fact of life in professional cycling. The key is to minimize the impact that they have, which is important not just in terms of the severity of the immediate injury but also in terms of recovery time. When the body needs energy to repair itself, that’s energy you can’t use to ride your race.

aerodynamic fit – and at the same time provide unrivalled protection. They have given the riders extra confidence, a competitive advantage for us. We are very proud that this innovative clothing won an award at Eurobike, the world’s most prestigious cycling trade show.

A further area of innovation revolves around nutrition, in other words the fuel our athletes take on board. We have integrated DSM’s Culturelle® and PeptoPro® products into the Team’s diet to aid the digestion and provision of energy from food and to support the riders’ immune systems during training, racing and recovery.

Our motto at Team Giant-Alpecin is ‘keep challenging’. Everyone in the team is committed to a constant process of improvement and development to achieve our collective goals, winning together. There is a clear natural fit between our culture and way of working and DSM. DSM is all about innovation. They understand, like we do, that there is no single finish line, but that you always need to keep improving.”