Annual Report 2015 - DSM

Megatrends more relevant than ever

Global Shifts and Digitization

Population growth and an accelerating shift of wealth, most notably in emerging economies, are creating a more urban, prosperous and connected world – as well as huge resource and cultural challenges. These changes are influencing global demand, the way people live and how they interact. Urbanization and prosperity are promoting dietary changes and increased spending on housing, transport, lifestyle and energy. New technology is impacting societies and their behavior, while ‘big data’ presents companies with new challenges as well as opportunities to optimize processes and to tailor solutions.

Climate and Energy

Scientists agree that climate change is influenced by human activity. Coordinated international efforts are urgently needed to reduce fossil-fuel dependencies and bring down levels of greenhouse-gas emissions in support of the COP21 objectives. This is accelerating the adoption of renewable energy and the use of more sustainable chemicals and materials in the transition to the (bio-) renewable age and the low-carbon economy. This will also increase attention for the circular economy concept. Besides the focus on bio-based materials and re-use, efficiency remains important as customers look to create more sustainable value chains with lower energy use, less waste and pollution and through higher yields.

Health and Wellness

A growing, aging and increasingly prosperous population seeks to improve its well-being and increase longevity. At the same time, people in the developing world, especially children below the age of three, continue to face a daily struggle for adequate nutrition. There is a growing need to address core health issues, whether through nutrition, medicines or lifestyle improvements, especially in emerging economies. In the West, healthcare costs are rising and access to quality nutrition is also growing in importance, with nutrition deficiencies on the rise. Demand is growing for safer and healthier solutions.