Annual Report 2015 - DSM

The Chemelot Institute for Science & Technology (InSciTe) is a public-private institute for biomedical materials and bio-based materials founded by DSM, Maastricht University and University Medical Center, Eindhoven University of Technology and the Provincie Limburg. Managing Director Emiel Staring explains how InSciTe uses open innovation to help DSM – among others – bring new ideas to market faster and with a greater chance of commercial success.

“Our mission at InSciTe is to make materials smarter by enabling top scientists and ambitious entrepreneurs to address the societal challenges and economic opportunities of sustainable healthcare and sustainable bio-based production.

InSciTe is a unique institute. We have our own facilities, where people from different organizations and fields of expertise come together and collaborate at the workbench. They aren’t in their own labs and then having project meetings to exchange updates, they are working side-by-side. This really is new. It allows us to increase the level of interaction and exchange, thereby accelerating the pace at which innovations can be brought to market.

We are here to ‘de-risk’ R&D and innovation efforts; pooling resources and linking competences in our unique setting enables participants to lower their financial outlay and risks while at the same time increasing the probability of success. It’s about more than the science, it’s also about ensuring that the science can make an impact on the market.

Open innovation is the future. I strongly believe that sharing know-how and knowledge has a multiplier effect and I encourage DSM – and all our other participants – to open up further. Trust is the basis of open innovation, and it goes without saying that we have very clear protocols and assurances on who owns project outcomes and intellectual property.”