Annual Report 2015 - DSM

DSM employee Grace Kuo talks about her voluntary assignment with the World Food Programme.

“On my assignment, I was given the opportunity to help improve the nutrition of vulnerable communities. My task was to support the establishment of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Business Network in Zambia. In addition to setting up a multi-stakeholder event to kick-off the Network, I also helped to build up the local Network’s knowledge and market intelligence around food in the country.

As part of this, I conducted a worldwide review of food fortification practices and the lessons learned. This will be further used in advice and advocacy material to help the Zambian government design and implement policy. I also executed a market study of food consumption and purchasing behavior among the urban population in Zambia. Together with a small team, we visited 600 households and 50 small-scale retailers to better understand consumers in the Zambian food market, to provide better consumer understanding to producers about nutritious food products.

It has been very motivating to see how our work at DSM has an impact on improving nutrition and changing lives. I came to appreciate even more than before that what we do as an organization – and together in our partnership with the WFP – helps people to live brighter lives.”