Annual Report 2015 - DSM

Protective Industrial Products Inc. is a leading supplier of Hand Protection and Personal Protective Equipment in North America, and aims to provide the highest value safety products available to workers in the Industrial, Construction and Electrical industry. Amy Taft is the Hand Protection Product Manager at PIP.

“PIP is the first licensing partner to offer cut-resistant products with Dyneema® Diamond Technology in the North American market. Using the Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber in our 3GX line gives us the ability to offer superior cut-resistant products that also provide excellent fit, feel and function, without adding bulk, which is a major plus over competitive materials.

Statistics from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration on hand injuries in the workplace show that 70% of injured workers report not wearing gloves at the time of the incident. Injuries to the other 30% often involve gloves that are inadequate, damaged, or the wrong type for the hazard present.

It is essential that all personal protection products provide the wearer with all day comfort. This is especially true for hand protection products that are typically used in a wide variety of environmental conditions. If the product fits well and is comfortable, the user will continue to wear it. By offering products made with Dyneema® Diamond Technology, we provide our customers with hand protection that is 40% lighter than traditional aramid products with greatly improved cut performance.

We wish to be the number 1 supplier of hand protection to the industrial market in North America. We now offer the widest selection of cut-resistant products made with Dyneema® materials in the market and we will continue to enhance our cut-resistant product line with new offerings made with Dyneema® and Dyneema® Diamond Technology.”