Annual Report 2015 - DSM

Energy conservation has become a key business focus for many companies across the globe including DSM. Reducing energy usage not only helps the environment but helps the bottom line as well.

The DSM Nutritional Products facility at Belvidere (New Jersey, USA) produces, among other things, arachidonic acid, natural beta-carotene and trienol for customers in North America and other markets. The fermentation processes involved in production require a continuous supply of chilled water in order to maintain them at design temperatures.

One of the projects at the site to reduce energy consumption and associated costs analyzed the chiller systems used in this process. The evaluation showed that considerable gains could be made by switching to new higher-effi ciency units.

In an initial deployment in 2015, one new chiller unit was installed, which assumed part of the loads of four existing units. The new chiller provides a 25% reduction in energy consumption as compared to the existing units. The resulting energy cost savings allow for pay-back in roughly four years and will reduce CO2 emissions by over 850 tons per year as well as provide a more reliable operation.

A second new unit is being installed to complete the upgrade and will bring similar benefits, thereby doubling the CO2 reduction, improving reliability and further reducing operating costs.