Managing Board

The DSM Managing Board is responsible for the company's strategy, portfolio policy, the deployment of human and capital resources, the company’s risk management system and the company's financial performance.

The DSM Managing Board (from left to right): Stephan Tanda, Dimitri de Vreeze, Feike Sijbesma (CEO/Chairman) and Geraldine Matchett (CFO). Stephan Tanda left DSM as of 1 February 2017.

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Executive Committee

The members of the Executive Committee are the Managing Board members as well as four senior managers appointed by the Chairman of the Managing Board after consultation with the Supervisory Board. The Executive Committee focuses on topics such as the overall strategy and direction, review of business results, functional and regional strategies, budget setting, and people and organization.

The members of the Executive Committee are the Managing Board members Feike Sijbesma (CEO/Chairman), Geraldine Matchett (CFO), Stephan Tanda (Nutrition) and Dimitri de Vreeze (Materials), as well as Chris Goppelsroeder (Nutritional Products), Philip Eykerman (Strategy and M&A), Peter Vrijsen (People & Organization) and Rob van Leen (R&D and Innovation). Stephan Tanda left DSM as of 1 February 2017.

Message from our CEO

We are intent on 'future-proofing' DSM, delivering higher value to all our stakeholders.

We posted 2016 results well ahead of our mid-term targets, improving both profit and returns. We also succeeded in making our own operations more sustainable while at the same time increasing the proportion of Brighter Living Solutions our customers buy from us.

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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board supervises the policy pursued by the Managing Board, the Managing Board's performance of its managerial duties and the company's general course of affairs, taking account of the interests of all the company's stakeholders.

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Report by the Supervisory Board

My colleagues and I were keen to assess how well our company is using Strategy 2018 to drive the profitable growth for which we are so well positioned. It was pleasing to see the clear focus on delivery throughout the organization in 2016.

Rob Routs, Chairman Supervisory Board

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Remuneration policy for the Managing Board

The objective of DSM’s remuneration policy is to attract, reward, motivate, incentivize and retain qualified and expert individuals that the company needs in order to achieve its strategic and operational objectives, whilst acknowledging the societal context around remuneration and recognizing the interests of DSM's stakeholders.

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