Stakeholder engagement

Engaging in strategic and proactive dialogue with our key stakeholders helps deepen our insights into the drivers of our business and the needs of society worldwide, and thus to be ahead of the competition in adapting to changing demands.

We value engaging with our stakeholders – customers, suppliers, investors, employees, companies, governments, academia and civil society – and reach out to them in order to maintain open discussions on topics relevant to our business activities and our role in society, and to align our strategy with their views. These groups have been identified based on their influence on DSM’s operations, as well as our effect on them. The outcomes from the various stakeholder dialogues inform many aspects of our strategy, such as risk management, the identification and pursuit of business opportunities, and the overall guidance of DSM’s strategic objectives and ambitions. Continuous dialogue with our stakeholders is pursued through a variety of channels. A non-exhaustive overview of our engagements with stakeholder groups is provided under Stakeholders.

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Materiality matrix

For DSM, materiality is about identifying the People, Planet and Profit topics that are most relevant to our stakeholders, and plotting these against the impact they have on our business. Business impact includes social, environmental, financial and reputational impact.

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Stakeholder groups

DSM’s various stakeholders – both those within our value chain such as suppliers and customers, and those that influence our business operations, such as investors, governments and civil society – have thoughts and views that must be balanced against our own strategic objectives and focus areas.

We appreciate the open dialogue we have with our stakeholders through a variety of channels. It equips us to respond to the needs of society and to create shared value for all our stakeholders.

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Collaborative platforms and networks

We collaborate with like-minded peers within cross-sector platforms and business networks to develop social and environmental measurement and performance standards, to find new opportunities within our sustainable growth areas, and to act as advocates on material topics such as climate change & renewable energy, nutrition, the circular economy, and natural and social capital. Below, we describe our engagement with some of the most significant global, partnership-based strategic initiatives.

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External recognition

We are proud whenever our sustainability, quality and innovation efforts, either as a company in general or specific to our individual products and solutions, are recognized by the outside world. Below is a selection of some of the awards and other forms of recognition that we received from non-governmental and trade organizations, customers, suppliers and academia in 2016. Other awards and external recognition for our business groups can be found in Review of business in 2016. A full list of our recognitions can be found on the company website.

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