DSM Integrated Annual Report 2022

2022 DSM Integrated Annual Report

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Co-CEO Message

As we harness the latest advancements in digital technology and bioscience, we can offer realistic, scalable solutions to the significant challenges associated with feeding humanity sustainably.

Key Figures



Frequency Index of Recordable Injuries

compared to 0.22
in 2021


Employee Engagement Index

compared to 76%
in 2021



compared to 23%
in 2021

1 These data are subject to the non-financial reporting policy.



scope 1 + 2 reduction

structural improvement (vs. baseline 2016) compared to ~23% in 2021


efficiency improvement

compared to 6.0%
in 2021


Purchased electricity from renewable resources

compared to 72%
in 2021

1 These data are subject to the non-financial reporting policy.
2 In total, our absolute reduction of scope 1 + 2 greenhouse gas emissions was 35% versus the 2016 baseline


€ 8,390

Net sales from continuing operations

up 15% from €7,269 in 2021
(in millions)


Adjusted EBITDA from continuing operations

versus 2021, with Health, Nutrition & Bioscience +2%

€ 310

Adjusted net operating free
cash flow from continuing operations

-50% versus 2021
(in millions)

€ 475

Net profit from continuing operations

-43% versus 2021
(in millions)

€ 3.10

Adjusted net earnings from continuing operations per ordinary share

versus € 3.33
in 2021

€ 0.93

Proposed dividend per
ordinary share

We strive to contribute to a brighter world with our science-based solutions

Our purpose has never been more relevant or valid.

What others say about us

“The use of DSM enzymes in our operations allowed us to significantly reduce feed costs without compromising animal performance. It also contributed to reducing the environmental footprint, contributing to our sustainability goals with a positive impact on individuals, families and communities.”
Sergio Sevilla

Chief Operating Officer Pecuario CMI

“Our partnership with DSM made possible the launch of our new algal-based omega-3 supplement, Algae rTG Omega-3. This world-first offering addresses the needs of sustainability-conscious consumers by protecting precious natural resources and supporting the development of sustainable ocean ecosystems.”
Hogon Kim

President Chong Kun Dang HealthCare

“People are increasingly aspiring to embrace a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet is a crucial element in this. With innovative recipes, scientific research and nutritional education, we help consumers to enjoy a healthy diet. DSM is a competent partner that provides ideal solutions to develop those healthy fruit juices and shots.”
Dr. Volker Herdegen

Manager Research & Innovation Eckes-Granini