DSM Integrated Annual Report 2022

Our focus in Animal Nutrition & Health

Our Animal Nutrition & Health business is one of the world’s largest suppliers of animal feed additives, seeking to accomplish a robust and achievable transformation that will make livestock farming worldwide radically more sustainable.

By drawing upon the latest science and technology, we aim to reduce the ecological footprint of animal protein production even as consumer demand worldwide increases. We support the entire livestock value chain to address growing environmental and economic challenges by applying our global network of manufacturing facilities and research and development expertise. With a broad portfolio of specialty products and services, we work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2 (Zero Hunger), 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), 13 (Climate Action), and 14 (Life Below Water).

Our growing range of solutions includes essential products such as vitamins, minerals and carotenoids that help improve animal health and farming efficiency, supporting the livelihoods of farmers while keeping vital protein affordable for consumers. Groundbreaking innovations, including the application of novel enzymes, microbes and eubiotics, further contribute to reducing food loss or reducing emissions from livestock to alleviate the pressure on the planet’s finite natural resources on land and in the seas. We continue to build specialist competences for a wide variety of animal species, as well as invest in our direct business-to-farmer and overall go-to-market capabilities.

Advances in digital technology are underpinning our emerging precision services, where we use sophisticated data analysis and diagnostic tools to measure and pinpoint specific health and environmental opportunities for improvement at the farm level such that we can offer bespoke customer solutions. In this way we aim to make the invisible, more visible, further improving the welfare of animals, as well as the profitability and sustainability of farming.

The general term ‘Eubiotics’, is derived from the Greek term ‘Eubiosis’ (meaning microbial balance within the body) and describes feed ingredients that support an optimal balance of microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract of livestock animals. Eubiotics promote efficient gut performance so as to produce well-nourished animals that get the most from their feed, while at the same time sustaining their health and welfare and protecting the environment.