DSM Integrated Annual Report 2022

Innovation and R&D in Health, Nutrition & Care

Innovation in Health, Nutrition & Care enjoyed good momentum in 2022, driven by four factors.

The first was the very strong continued performance of our Personal Care & Aroma business unit across aroma, photoprotection and personal care ingredients. Our Biomedical business also performed well, while our innovation ingredients such as lutein and ampli-D®, helped deliver a strong performance by our B2C and Personalized Nutrition businesses, i-Health and Hologram Sciences. Finally, innovation performed well in both the pharma segment and the Early Life Nutrition segment.

Innovation in Nutrition focuses on establishing novel, science-based health solutions in the market such as human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), algal nutritional lipids, cannabidiol (CBD) and ampli-D®, our proprietary and advanced form of vitamin D. Drawing on cutting-edge science and the latest consumer insights, we deploy our innovation capabilities to create a more comprehensive offering for customers in the form of our premix capabilities and Market-Ready Solutions.

In Personal Care and Aroma, our consistent growth in 2022 stemmed from our effective substantiation of new product claims and our regulatory efforts in support of existing products, especially for the Skin Care market, in combination with the launch of a new range of UV filters. The garnering of global awards at trade shows for our product innovations testified to the successful deployment of our scientific capabilities. Awards were received for PEPHA®-TIGHT CB, our biotechnology innovation that harnesses the many benefits of lab-grown algae for healthy looking skin, and for Quali®-B, our biotech-based pink vitamin B12 for sensitive and fatigued skin, produced by non-GMO bacterial fermentation.

Our Biomedical business drives innovations to address important needs in healthcare and personal care by harnessing the innovation potential of sustainable science. Our customer-centric innovation activity in this segment focuses on launching new solutions, based on our IP-protected priority materials technology platforms: Polyethylenes, Collagen, Polyurethanes, and Coatings & Drug Delivery.

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