DSM Integrated Annual Report 2022


We have distinguished ourselves for more than a decade by embracing sustainability and providing value for all stakeholders across the three dimensions of People, Planet and Profit. Our purpose is fully anchored in our long-term purpose-led, performance-driven strategy as we strive to contribute to a brighter world with our science-based solutions.

Creating brighter lives for all

As a global leader in the science behind better health and nutrition, we have the opportunity, capability, and therefore the responsibility to apply our resources and expertise where they can have the greatest impact. We use our bright science to deliver positive transformations at scale and to create brighter lives for all.

We aspire to create value for all our stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, and society at large – and to build a strong legacy and a brighter future for generations to come.

We strive to contribute to a brighter world with our science-based solutions

Acting on our purpose

We make change happen in three ways:

  • Improve: We improve our own operations with the aim of continually reducing their impact on people and planet. We optimize this by continually raising safety standards, promoting health and well-being in our workforce, improving resilience, reducing our environmental footprint, and unlocking more value from finite resources
  • Enable: We enable our customers and partners to have a positive impact by developing solutions that help them to deliver healthier and more sustainable outcomes for the planet and society
  • Advocate: We advocate in our wider business ecosystem for systemic change, advocating for the future we believe in and fully accepting our responsibilities as a corporate member of society

We are convinced that every company has a responsibility to deliver value for all stakeholders – not just employees, customers, and shareholders, but also the communities in which it operates as well as the wider world. We feel this responsibility, and therefore take an integrated approach whereby we work to reduce our negative impact and maximize our positive impact through the implementation of a range of internal and external initiatives. These include:

  • Delivering against science-based targets in line with keeping global warming to no more than 1.5°C, providing a firm foundation for DSM to achieve net-zero across our operations and value chains by 2050 if not sooner
  • Applying our competences and resources to address urgent societal and environmental challenges, including quantifiable commitments linked to food production and consumption where we can make the greatest impact

An overview of these initiatives can be found in Planet and throughout this Report. Examples of our purpose-led solutions are provided in Animal Nutrition & Health, Health, Nutrition & Care and Food & Beverage.

Our purpose is championed at every level across our company, including our Executive Committee which sets DSM’s overall strategy and direction.

DSM Executive Committee

DSM Executive Committee (clockwise from top left): Philip Eykerman, Andre Bos, Helen Mets (left DSM in December 2022), Ivo Lansbergen, Patricia Malarkey, Luca Rosetto, Cristina Monteiro, Patrick Niels, Dimitri de Vreeze and Geraldine Matchett.