DSM Integrated Annual Report 2022

Putting our customers at the heart of our business

A worldwide transformation of our industry to bring about sustainable animal protein production will only be possible through the active involvement of the customers we serve. We therefore put our customers at the center of everything we do. Our goal is to make doing business with DSM easy and enjoyable. We create touchpoints that deliver a unique customer experience, aiming to encourage DSM brand preference and loyalty among our customer base.

We measure customer loyalty and satisfaction through the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology, which captures the ‘voice’ of the customer on a two-yearly basis. This gives us valuable insights into how best to continuously improve our product and service offering.

In November 2022, we ran the NPS survey among our customers. For the first time, we here report the response among customers of Animal Nutrition & Health only; in previous Integrated Annual Reports, an overall score for DSM as a whole was published. The NPS for Animal Nutrition & Health decreased slightly from 67 to 62 in 2022, among a survey group 34% larger than in 2020. With high scores for product quality, technical service, reliability and customer care, this is a much stronger result than our performance in 2018 (51) and 2016 (56) and is consistent with a generally positive trend over the past six years.

Net Promoter Score