Supervisory Board and Managing Board Royal DSM

Managing Board

The Managing Board is ultimately responsible for our company's strategy, its portfolio management, the deployment of human capital and financial capital resources, the company's risk management system, its financial performance, and its performance in the area of sustainability. The Managing Board is thus also accountable to the Supervisory Board for our company's strategy and management. The full Managing Board attends the Supervisory Board meetings. Other Executive Committee members attend those Supervisory Board meetings, or parts of them, that are specifically relevant to their area of responsibility.

DSM Managing Board (from left to right): Dimitri de Vreeze and Geraldine Matchett.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises the Managing Board members as well as four senior managers. The latter four managers are appointed by the Chairman of the Managing Board after consultation with the Supervisory Board. The Executive Committee focuses on topics such as our company's overall strategy and direction, review of business results, functional and regional strategies, budget-setting, and people and organization. The statutory responsibilities of the Managing Board remain unchanged.

DSM Executive Committee (from left to right): Philip Eykerman (DSM Food Specialties and Strategy & Acquisition), Judith Wiese (People & Organization), Geraldine Matchett (Co-CEO & CFO), Dimitri de Vreeze (Co-CEO & COO), Chris Goppelsroeder (DSM Nutritional Products) and Patricia Malarkey (R&D and Innovation).

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board supervises the policy pursued by the Managing Board, the Managing Board's performance of its managerial duties, and the company's general course of affairs, taking the interests of all the company's stakeholders into account.

DSM Supervisory Board (from left to right): John Ramsay, Erica Mann, Frits van Paasschen, Eileen Kennedy, Pauline van der Meer Mohr (Deputy Chair), Victoria Haynes, Rob Routs (Chair) and Pradeep Pant.