DSM Integrated Annual Report 2021


The DSM Code of Business Conduct (‘the Code’) serves as an umbrella for several other DSM regulations and forms the basis for our company’s ethical business behavior. Our purpose, our culture and our business principles are an integral part of the Code. The business principles translate our purpose into important do’s and don’ts to guide our business operations and decisions in daily practice. In 2021, two new business principles were added to the Code. The business principle on social media guides DSM employees to act as DSM ambassadors when using social media in relation to the company. The business principle on quality is aimed at creating a positive customer experience by assuring quality of our operations and traceability in our supply chain. All DSM employees are expected to follow the Code, which is available in seven languages. The full text of the Code also appears on the company website. The Managing Board holds DSM’s unit management accountable for compliance with the code.

DSM Code of Business Conduct and values training program

DSM Code of Business Conduct and values training program (graphic)