DSM Integrated Annual Report 2021

Collaborative platforms and networks

We collaborate with like-minded organizations through platforms and networks that contribute to our purpose of creating brighter lives for all. These collaborations are chosen to amplify and accelerate our advocacy efforts in support of a transition to more sustainable economic models on topics that align to our Focus Domains of Nutrition & Health, Climate & Energy, and Resources & Circularity. Collaborative platforms and networks such as these can help formulate new solutions, and measurement and performance methods, as well as roadmaps for business contributions toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this section, we describe some of the most significant initiatives. Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, many of the major events of these platforms and networks, such as the WBCSD Council meeting and the WEF Annual Meeting, were postponed or went completely virtual.

Supporting our stakeholders during COVID-19

In 2021, we continued to provide support and resources to internal and external stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our in-house initiatives, including our ‘It’s OK’ campaign and #optimizeyourimmunity, are described in Health & well-being.


In Singapore, we continued to support the Migrant Workers’ Centre, an NGO whose mission is to champion fair employment. In Japan, we supported WFP’s COVID-19 pandemic emergency support in place of the ‘Walk the World’ event that was canceled due to the pandemic. In India, in partnership with Medtronic, donations of medical equipment, such as ventilators, were made to local hospitals. In the aftermath of a flood, and a corresponding increase in COVID-19 cases in Henan province (China), we provided support to the affected communities.


In the Netherlands, our joint venture with VDL Group, Dutch PPE Solutions, began large-scale production of filtering material made from bio-based feedstock in the form of used cooking oil. The plant provides the first fully locally-produced face masks in the region.

Latin America

We provided support to the communities located around DSM facilities with donations of food, cleaning and personal hygiene products and warm clothing. We also assisted institutions that offer assistance to socially vulnerable families, children and teenagers, as well as homes for the elderly. In partnership with Holos, we supported conversations with mental health professionals, and in partnership with the Secretary of Education and State Schools of Brazil, we hosted online talks with public school students addressing the difficulties stemming from the pandemic.

North America

We continued to donate immunity boosting nutritional products as well as N95 masks to front line health care workers and first responders in the communities around our facilities. We also continued to optimize the immunity of our own colleagues through the continued distribution of nutritional products and offered mental and emotional health support to them and their families.

Non-Governmental Organization
Personal Protective Equipment; also Property, Plant and Equipment
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
World Economic Forum