DSM Integrated Annual Report 2021


We engage with society at multiple levels — from local community initiatives to collaborations with universities and research institutes. Due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic, many of our regular engagements were postponed, or moved online, such as our annual Earth Day activities. We continue to engage in philanthropic and sponsorship activities to the average yearly amount of approximately €6 million, as well as the in-kind contributions of our employees’ hours and expertise.

Supporting personal development and communities in need in Brazil

Our partnership with the Municipal Department of Education of Mairinque offered young people insights into their professional future, and provided relevant skills training. The Gastromotiva partnership provides students with professional training to become entrepreneurs or chefs. We continued to support communities in need through our volunteer programs and donations of food items, hygiene products and other essential items.

Maintaining engagement on malnutrition and schooling in China

For the 14th year, the DSM Bright Experience campaign was held in China to raise funds and increase awareness on eradicating malnutrition and hunger in China. It was held jointly with UN WFP and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA). Our support of the DSM Hope School in Lintao (Gansu province) continued, with scholarships awarded to 155 students to support their study and home life.

Advocating on nutrition in Japan

In the context of the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit (N4G) 2021, we hosted a number of online events on the importance of nutrition. At the 3rd DSM Japan Sustainability Forum, we hosted an online event titled ‘Sustainable Food System, Nutrition and Health — Creating Healthy Planet for Healthy People’. Later in the year, together with the Ajinomoto Group, the effectiveness of school meals for improving children’s nutrition was discussed, and what role the private sector, together with regional governments and international organizations, can play in supporting school meal programs.

Addressing vitamin D deficiency in India

The campaign ‘Boost your ImmuniD’ was launched in India to underline the need for adequate levels of vitamin D. Despite being a sun-rich country, 80% of India’s population face vitamin D deficiency. The campaign highlighted the role of vitamin D for good health and immune function.

Supporting safety, health and well-being in the Netherlands

In the province of Limburg (Netherlands), DSM and regional stakeholders launched the regional Food Boost Challenge platform to engage young people on the subject of healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. After the flooding in the same province, we offered shelter to impacted employees in our headquarters.

Highlighting nutrition and sustainability in Singapore

The inaugural event of the Bright Science & Technology Hub brought our customers, government agencies and food-tech start-ups together to discuss trends and breakthroughs in nutrition, sustainability and technology. Through the DSM SMU-X (Singapore Management University) Sustainability Challenge, students were given the opportunity to explore supply chain and consumer-side challenges in nutrition and sustainability through real-world business challenges.

Addressing food and the future in Switzerland

At a seminar organized by the Dutch Embassy in Basel (Switzerland) on food loss and waste, we looked into how food- and feed-additives can improve the sustainability of the dairy industry. On Zukunftstag (‘Future Day’), we opened our Swiss offices to our employees’ children, allowing them to see at first hand what we do and what drives us.

Engaging on community and climate in the US

In 2021, we were active in addressing issues concerning child care through editorials and congressional briefings, and championed inclusion & diversity through our leadership roles in the National Diversity Council. We continue to support the Union Country College Foundation Close the Gap initiative, which is being replicated to support other communities. We participated in Congressional Meetings to support climate change mitigation and a price on carbon legislation. Furthermore, we lead numerous business coalitions to support climate change mitigation actions. Through our DSM North America Employee Relief Fund, we also provided financial support to dozens of our colleagues who suffered property damage as a result of climate-induced natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, blizzards and fires.

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