DSM Integrated Annual Report 2021

Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Highlights 2021

About Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients

Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients offers solutions for customers in the personal care, home care, and fine fragrance markets. Our extensive portfolio includes aroma ingredients such as biobased offerings for aroma, vitamins and natural bio-actives, as well as UV filters, peptides and polymers. Our solutions support the health and beauty needs of an aging population with various skin and hair types around the world, and address increasing concerns around global public health issues such as air pollution and skin cancer.

Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients performance

Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients recorded strong volume and organic sales growth of 21% in 2021. Aroma Ingredients saw continued good demand, with higher retail sales for detergents and disinfectants. Personal Care saw a strong recovery in sun and skin care following the subdued conditions of 2020 that had resulted from lockdowns and travel restrictions. In line with our Human Nutrition activities, the business saw a strong end to the year, with 34% volume-driven, organic sales growth in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Successful move into Resilient Beauty solutions

Consumers are increasingly demanding finished products that deliver proven scientific benefits through incorporation of well-known, safe and trusted ingredients. They are also increasingly seeking personalized solutions that support inclusion & diversity by addressing factors such as lifestyle choices or individual needs in skin, sun or hair care products. At the same time, the search for more sustainable products is evolving from a niche interest to becoming a mainstream concern. We responded to these consumer trends with new products and concepts such as our Resilient Beauty proposition.

Our Resilient Beauty solutions and ingredients are especially relevant given the stresses and strains of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, we launched HYA-ACT™, a powerful range of three hyaluronic acid ingredients offering hydration and anti-ageing benefits to promote both skin recovery and skin protection. The new HYA-ACT™ range complements other recently launched market-ready formulation concepts such as the natural skin bioactive ingredient ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM CB to offset issues caused by wearing face masks; STIMU-TEX® AS to relieve and soothe irritated skin; and TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™, a high-quality microbiome-friendly, multifunctional natural ingredient designed to reduce formulation complexity.

Acquisition of Amyris, Inc.’s bio-based flavor & fragrance intermediates business

At the end of March, our Aroma portfolio was expanded by the acquisition of the bio-based flavor & fragrance (F&F) intermediates business of Amyris, Inc., comprising seven intermediate products. This acquisition further strengthened our world-leading biotechnology base with F&F intermediate products and increased the scale of our biotechnology activities in nutritional ingredients. It also broadened our offering in Aroma Ingredients with additional biotechnology-based products and reinforced our sustainability profile.

Innovation in sustainable sun care

Our commitment to advancing innovation in sustainable sun care is reflected in both our products and our formulations. In 2021, we launched PARSOL® EHT, a highly efficient, eco-friendly UVB filter that exemplifies our future-proof, eco-friendly portfolio.

In 2021, we also announced our partnership with Albéa, the world’s leading cosmetic packaging supplier, to bring sustainable packaging for our sun care formulation prototypes and achieve our vision of delivering a fully sustainable sun care offering to our customers.

Organic sales growth
Organic sales growth is the total impact of volume and price/mix. Impact of acquisitions and divestments as well as currency impact are excluded.