DSM Integrated Annual Report 2021

About DSM Innovation Center

For the past decade, DSM Innovation Center has supported the creation of further opportunities for future earnings growth through cultivating purpose-led innovation across DSM. During 2021, we re-set the foundations of an enterprise-wide approach to innovation that focuses, simplifies, and accelerates our ability to create customer-focused, value-adding and differentiating innovation by integrating much more closely with our future end-market orientation in Health, Nutrition & Bioscience. Together, we:

  • Ensure the quality of our scientific capabilities, including monitoring and ensuring access to early-stage technologies with disruptive potential
  • Partner with leading universities, public-private partnerships, and joint ventures
  • Experiment with all possible innovation vehicles, such as R&D, external and internal venturing, and licensing
  • Drive the development of a business-anchored innovation pipeline that supports our long-term growth ambitions
Research & Development