DSM Integrated Annual Report 2020

Developing a new expression of our company culture

In 2020, the impact of COVID-19, the appointment of our new Co-CEOs, global social movements demanding a more equal society and a generational shift toward more human, empathetic workplaces, among other contributing factors, led us to re-examine our organizational culture and its role in supporting our purpose and ambitions. Through contributions from across our organization, we defined and launched our Culture Compass.

Purpose-led, Performance-driven

Purpose-led, Performance-driven (graphic)

Our Culture Compass steers our purpose-led journey

The Compass is a navigational tool that helps us steer our company to where we aspire to be, while reflecting our purpose-led and performance-driven strategy. Our purpose (‘Creating brighter lives for all’) is at the center. In particular, we deliver performance by being more of who we are (courageous, caring and collaborative), and by making decisions every day that show what we stand for (taking responsibility, championing sustainability, and delivering value).

Activating our Compass

In 2020, we activated the principles of our culture in our organization by building a network of Culture Champions and actively involving employees in the translation of core elements to themselves and their daily work. The Culture Compass was launched via several webcasts for executives and for employees, and as of 2021, we will focus on anchoring the core values of the Compass into our key People processes.