DSM Integrated Annual Report 2020

Innovation & Sustainability

Our innovations are focused on delivering sustainable solutions to meet customer demands for a better environmental footprint and the transition toward a circular and bio-based economy.

Taking the next step to increase sustainability value

In 2020, our Materials businesses took the next steps in implementing innovation programs to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and to increase the sustainability value they deliver. Examples include:

Partnerships driving sustainable innovation

It takes partnerships to drive a circular and bio-based economy. We have many partnerships and coalitions that support and accelerate customer-driven sustainable innovation — for example, value-chain partnerships to enhance the transition toward a more circular and bio-based economy. We established, for example:

  • An industry coalition comprising customers, waste processors and recycling companies to address the recycling of products made with Dyneema® fiber; moreover, an end-of-life program was set up with the goal of recycling the materials in a closed loop through continuous use and recovery
  • A partnership with our strategic supplier SABIC to enable the transition toward bio-based Dyneema®
  • Partnerships with various companies in our value chain to accelerate the transition toward alternatives for our engineering materials portfolio based on bio-based waste and/or plastic-waste-based feedstock; SABIC, Neste and Fibrant/Highsun were among these partners.