DSM Integrated Annual Report 2020


We engage with society at multiple levels — from local community initiatives to collaborations with universities and research institutes. We work with NGOs and civil society to develop solutions for societal issues, and advocate with governments and society on important issues relating to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. We also engage in philanthropic and sponsorship activities to the average yearly amount of approximately €6 million.

Engaging on education and nutrition in Brazil

We continued our support of a number of educational initiatives. We also increased our partnership with Gastromotiva, sponsoring nutritionally fortified meals in poor communities. Our Tortuga Institute reached 22 institutions in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru with food, hygiene, protection and cleaning items.

Collaborating on research and education in China

We continued our collaboration with universities and institutes such as the Institute of Chinese Academy of Science on application formulations for vitamins, the Peking University on polymer physics, Shanghai Jiaotong University on composite processing and Xián Jiaotong University on polymer flowability. We continued our program with the DSM Hope School, providing scholarships, laptops, and a heat pump to give students access to hot water.

Awareness of women’s health in India

We launched Project Streedhan. ‘Streedhan’ refers to the wealth to which a woman has an absolute right under Hindu law. This campaign aims to create awareness of the link between nutrition and immunity. It encourages women to invest in their health (their real ‘wealth’) through immunity-building foods. The campaign has already been viewed more than 10 million times.

Nutrition for the workforce and in an aging society in Japan

We organized a Health Academy with customers and media to communicate the importance of nutrition in an aging society. DSM Japan is also collaborating with the Nutrition Japan Public Private Platform, co-chaired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, on workforce nutrition improvement. After proving the concept for fortified rice in Cambodia, the next project will focus on Myanmar.

Celebrating Chemistry and highlighting healthy food in the Netherlands

The Brightlands Campus in Geleen (Netherlands) hosted the Feel the Chemistry Festival, celebrating 80 years of science and innovation in the area. Today, it is an innovation campus that is ready to meet the challenges of the future and is developing the first ‘Circular Hub’ in Europe. DSM co-hosted the two-day virtual event ‘Bold Actions for Food as a Force for Good’, building up to the UN Food Systems Summit to be held in New York in 2021. The event featured more than 300 organizations including government, farmers, private companies, young people and scientists.

Addressing food waste and rubbish in the Rhine Valley region

In Switzerland and the Rhine Valley, we participated in the 50th Earth Day with local start-up ‘Ugly Fruits’ on the need to combat food loss and waste and avoid overconsumption, as well as plastic waste reduction and perceptions on fruit and expected shelf life. In September, we took part in the World Clean Up Day with the motto “DSM Rhine Valley — Clean Up for Brighter Living”. Colleagues from across the region cleaned up an area in Basel of rubbish and other discarded items.

Supporting education and engaging on climate in the US

We continued our support of the Union County College Foundation Close the Gap initiative, which provides scholarships to African American students. We also continued to underwrite the costs of two Fellows with the Global Health Corps. We led a group of 330 business leaders organized by Ceres in a virtual engagement with Senators and Congressmen on climate legislation. DSM North America is one of the 21 members of the CEO Climate Dialogue and cofounder of the Climate Solutions Working Group.