DSM Integrated Annual Report 2020

About DSM Nutrition

Our Nutrition cluster comprises DSM Nutritional Products, DSM Food Specialties and DSM Hydrocolloids. This cluster provides solutions for animal precision nutrition and feed, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical nutrition, early life nutrition, nutrition improvement, dietary supplements, personalized nutrition and personal care. We are active at all stages of the associated value chains, producing pure active ingredients, incorporating them into sophisticated forms and providing tailored premixes, forward solutions and branded consumer products. Our unique portfolio of products and services is global and highly diversified, serving customers and other stakeholders locally across an extensive range of end-markets worldwide.

With our ‘global products, local solutions’ business model, we have successfully built a unique, broad, highly integrated and profitable growth business. Our results are testament to the strength and uniqueness of this business model, delivering 6% organic growth and an increase in Adjusted EBITDA margin from 17% to 21% during the period 2015–2019. We are expanding our business model with leading Precision & Personalization propositions in this rapidly emerging market. More detail on our Nutrition & Health business model can be found in Strategy.

Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA)
EBITDA is the sum of operating profit plus depreciation and amortization. Adjusted EBITDA is the EBITDA adjusted for material items of profit or loss coming from acquisitions/divestments, restructuring and other circumstances that management deem it necessary to adjust in order to provide clear reporting on the development of the business.