DSM Integrated Annual Report 2020

About the Innovation Center

DSM’s Innovation Center supports the creation of opportunities for future earnings growth through cultivating purpose-led innovation across DSM. At the Innovation Center, we accelerate the innovation power and speed of our core businesses through, for example, our Science & Technology, Innovation Business Building and IP & Licensing departments. Together we:

  • Ensure the quality of our total scientific competence base, including monitoring and ensuring access to early-stage technologies with disruptive potential through the Corporate Research Program
  • Partner to ensure access to the best technology and routes to market via R&D partnerships with leading universities, public-private partnerships, and joint ventures with others in the value chain
  • Experiment in a holistic and structured way, learning with all possible innovation ‘vehicles’, such as internal R&D, corporate venturing into start-ups, internal venture building, licensing and much more
  • Drive the development of a business-anchored innovation pipeline that supports our long-term growth ambitions; this pipeline is built around seven overarching growth themes that capture major global societal, technological and environmental trends, as set out in the strategy section

The Innovation Center also helps explore adjacent business opportunities that are outside the current scope of the company’s business groups, through the Emerging Business Areas (EBAs).

Underpinning all of this is our unique set of scientific competences that ensure we are able to deliver on our ambitions. With chemistry- and biotechnology-based approaches, and serving the health, nutrition and sustainability needs of both people and animals, we generate compelling business synergies from much of our research. Our science and technology capabilities will remain our foundation for delivering business growth, and we will continue to develop our competences to meet specific unmet market needs.

“We are building a business-anchored pipeline of innovation aligned with our future strategic needs that supports our growth ambitions and delivers meaningful impact on some of the major challenges faced by the world.”
Patricia Malarkey

DSM Executive Committee, Chief Innovation Officer
Intellectual Property
Research & Development